Resources and consultation to support the development of your online Self-Supporting program.


Distance Program Services offers a centrally-supported service to guide you through the appropriate approval processes for developing a Self-Supporting Distance Learning program. Our office provides consultation at each phase of development, from concept and feasibility to final Self-Supporting proposal and program marketing.

Launching a new program is a lot of work—we know that. Our office will walk you through the ins and outs of Self-Supporting program policies and procedures and will provide labor and academic market analysis to aid your decision-making and business planning.

Step 1: Market Research

We meet with you to determine the scope of the program, potential size of the target audience, and number of known competing programs. We then conduct market research and provide a comprehensive report that evaluates the viability of the prospective program.

Step 2: Proposal Creation

Once the research has been conducted and a decision has been made to move forward, we will assist with the creation of the Self-Funded proposal and budget template. Contact Jonathan Orsini at to receive the most up-to-date proposal form.

Step 3: Self-Funded Work Group

With all department/college signatures of support in place, we will organize a meeting of the Self-Funded Work Group. The Self-Funded Work Group will meet and review all sections of the proposal and budget. If there are no changes necessary, the proposal will be sent to the Associate Provost of Teaching & Technology and to the Office of the Provost for final approval. Please note that only programs that have been approved through the UF academic approval tracking system and that have received final approval by the department, college, and appropriate graduate or undergraduate committees can be submitted to the self-funded work group for approval.

Following Approval

1. Once approved by the Office of the Provost, we will add the paperwork to the database of approved self-funded programs, the Board of Governors report, and the Distance Learning website.

2. The Distance Education Service Center (DESC) will contact the department to discuss marketing, student recruitment, and retention services offered by Distance Program Services.

3. Our Program Support unit will contact the department to help implement the newly approved program.

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