Operational Services

The Operational Services Unit within the Office of Teaching and Technology is comprised of three programs/areas, all of which work together to support the university's commitment to lead and serve the state of Florida, the nation, and the world by pursuing and disseminating new knowledge while building upon the experiences of the past.

University of Florida Dual Enrollment Program

The University of Florida Dual Enrollment Program (UFDE) offers eligible accelerated high school students access to coursework at the University of Florida from their home district. Our fully online courses provide students with a rigorous academic experience and provide an opportunity to earn both required high school and college credits. The program supports the mission of the Office of Teaching and Technology to broaden classroom boundaries and enhance teaching through innovation. The University of Florida Dual Enrollment Program also extends access and opportunity to high school students across the state of Florida, which helps increase the University’s mission to reach a more diverse student population.

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Flexible Learning Program

The Flexible Learning Program at the University of Florida offers fully online quality college-level courses designed to support learners needing a flexible delivery format. The program originated from correspondence instructional delivery and has modernized through the use of technology to operate fully online. The Flexible Learning Program extends access and opportunity to non-traditional and traditional learners. The program can better position learners to continue/resume academic study, increase timely degree completion rates, maximize financial aid awards, and provide pathways forward for degree attainment, all aligning with the University’s mission.

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Marketing and Enrollment Services

The Marketing and Enrollment Services area's primary goal is to assist self-supporting programs by supporting the various administrative functions critical to the program's success, thereby eliminating the need for each unit to separately hire, train, manage, and retain non-instructional staff. We offer guidance and resources to academic units, enabling them to develop and implement comprehensive short-term and long-term marketing solutions and recruitment strategies that help them achieve their program goals in terms of both student enrollment and revenue generation.

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