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Faculty meeting with Distance and Continuing Education staff

Distance & Continuing Education

DCE provides proactive support for the Distance Learning mission of UF by coordinating resources for developing and administering distance learning courses and programs. The primary goal of DCE is to assist academic units in extending UF's resources beyond the traditional boundaries of the main UF campus. Some of DCE's services are centrally funded.
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UF Online team in a meeting about student outcomes

UF Online

Launched January 2014 in accordance with Chapter 2013-27, Laws of Florida, requiring establishment of the Preeminent State Research University "UF Online" to offer "high quality, fully online baccalaureate degree programs at an affordable cost" to students who are either first time in college or transfer, in-state or out-of-state students.
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A professor teaching in front of a lecture hall

Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence

FDTE endeavors to foster and develop a culture of teaching excellence by supporting all faculty at every career stage. In addition, FDTE works diligently to celebrate the many successes of faculty in the area of teaching excellence.
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UF East Campus sign

Finance Office

The Finance Office has fiduciary responsibility for self-funded educational opportunities, credit and non-credit. It ensures compliance with all UF rules and regulations and adherence to the UF handbook on business procedures.
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