Non-Degree Courses

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All Online Courses

Schedule of Online Courses 

Online courses are offered to non-UF students and may be delivered online or on-site (off-campus). These courses can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit and require a non-degree application. Most of these courses follow a traditional UF semester calendar. Some of the courses are entirely asynchronous and some have both asynchronous and synchronous components. Students receive a transcript awarding undergraduate or graduate credit. 

Flexible Learning Courses

Flexible Learning Course Catalog

Flexible Learning courses are offered to non-UF students seeking undergraduate credit. Gordon Rule and General Education required courses are available. Offered in a self-paced online format, these courses do not observe the traditional UF semester calendar and do not require a non-degree application. Most flexible learning courses are entirely asynchronous. Students may begin taking courses anytime but course work must be completed within 16 weeks. Students receive a transcript awarding undergraduate credit for these courses.

If you need further clarification about the types of non-degree courses offered at the University of Florida, please view the Course Comparison Chart.

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