UF Terminology

There are a variety of acronyms, shortened names, and nicknames in use at UF.  This list not all inclusive, but does include many of the commonly used terms.

TermFull TitleWebsite
AA Academic Affairs, a.k.a. Provost Office www.aa.ufl.edu
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act www.ada.gov
AT Academic Technology home.at.ufl.edu
Admin Memo Official UF Administrative Memoranda to Deans, Directors and Department chairs, formerly know as the DDD memo or list administrativememo.ufl.edu
BOG Florida Board of Governors www.flbog.org
BOT UF Board of Trustees www.trustees.ufl.edu
CALS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences www.cals.ufl.edu
CDE Continuing Dental Education dental.ufl.edu/education/continuing-education
COA College of Arts www.arts.ufl.edu
CFO Chief Financial Officer www.cfo.ufl.edu
CIO Chief Information Officer www.it.ufl.edu
CITT Center for Instructional Technology & Training www.citt.ufl.edu
CIRCA Center for Instructional and Research Computing Activities www.circa.ufl.edu
CLAS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences www.clas.ufl.edu
CME Continuing Medical Education cme.ufl.edu
CNS Central Networking Services www.cns.ufl.edu
COE College of Education www.education.ufl.edu
COP College of Pharmacy www.cop.ufl.edu
DCE Distance & Continuing Education www.dce.ufl.edu
DCP College of Design, Construction & Planning www.dcp.ufl.edu
DRC Disability Resource Center www.dso.ufl.edu/drc
DSR Division of Sponsored Research www.research.ufl.edu/research
EAB Educational Advisory Board  
ECDC East Campus Data Center campusmap.ufl.edu/?loc=1628
ECOB East Campus Office Building campusmap.ufl.edu/?loc=1628
EDGE Graduate Engineering Distance Education www.ufedge.ufl.edu
ENG College of Engineering www.eng.ufl.edu
ES Enterprise Systems - UF's enterprise business operations (ERP/PeopleSoft) Support www.es.ufl.edu
F&A Division of Finance and Accounting fa.ufl.edu
FERPA Family Education Records and Privacy Act privacy.health.ufl.edu/training/FERPA
GatorLink User accounts for individuals associated with UF identity.it.ufl.edu/process/gatorlink
HelpDesk UF Computing Help Desk helpdesk.ufl.edu
HHP College of Health and Human Performance www.hhp.ufl.edu
HSC Health Science Center www.hsc.ufl.edu
IAC Intercollegiate Athletic Committee iac.aa.ufl.edu
ISO Information Security Officer infosec.ufl.edu
IFAS Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences www.ifas.ufl.edu
IPay University web payment (ECommerce) gateway www.fa.ufl.edu/departments/treasury-management/credit-card-and-e-commerce-accounts/
MOU Memorandum of Understanding Typically an agreement between UF and another entity (university, community college, county, vendor, etc.)
ONE.UF Integrated Student Information System one.uf.edu/soc
LSS e-Learning Support Systems lss.at.ufl.edu
myUFL UF PeopleSoft Portal my.ufl.edu
UFIT UF Information Technology; formerly Office of Information Technology www.it.ufl.edu
PCard UF Purchasing Credit Card www.purchasing.ufl.edu/departments/pcard
PII Personal Identification Information privacy.ufl.edu/informationprivacy.html
PPD Physical Plant Division www.ppd.ufl.edu
RCM Responsibility Centered Management cfo.ufl.edu/rcm/
Sakai UF online course/learning management system lss.at.ufl.edu/sakai-info
SLS Software Licensing Services software.ufl.edu
SUS State University System of Florida www.flbog.org/aboutsus/universities
TNT Office of the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology tnt.aa.ufl.edu
OTL Office of Technology Licensing www.research.ufl.edu/otl
OUR Office of the University Registrar www.registrar.ufl.edu
PHHP College of Public Health and Health Professions www.phhp.ufl.edu
SACS Southern Association of Colleges and Schools www.sacscoc.org
UAA University Athletic Association uaa.ufl.edu
UF University of Florida www.ufl.edu
UFIT UF Core IT Units www.it.ufl.edu/units
UFF University of Florida Foundation, Inc. www.uff.ufl.edu
UFID University of Florida identification number identity.it.ufl.edu/process/uf-identifier
UFRF University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. www.research.ufl.edu/ufrf
UPD University of Florida Police Department www.police.ufl.edu
VetMed College of Veterniary Medicine www.vetmed.ufl.edu
WCB Warrington College of Business warrington.ufl.edu
Web Services UF Web Services; formerly known as Web Admin www.it.ufl.edu/webservices