Office of Personnel and Financial Services

The Office of Personnel and Financial Services is responsible for Personnel and Financial oversight for the Associate Provost, The Office of Teaching and Technology; UF Online, Professional and Workforce Development, Distance Learning, Teaching Excellence, Center for Online Innovation and Production, and Data and Analytics, developing and monitoring of administrative support budgets and auxiliary funds and serving as the HR liaison for all staff within the units reporting to the Office of Teaching and Technology.

Teaching and Technology Personnel and Financial Services also has fiduciary responsibility for all University of Florida conferences, events and self-funded educational opportunities, credit and non-credit;  ensuring compliance with relevant Federal, State, and University rules and regulations and adherence to the university‚Äôs business procedures, serving as a single point of contact for internal and legislative audits regarding UF Online, Self-Funded and Office of Professional and Workforce Development managed programs.

Office of Personnel and Financial Services Staff

Barbara Bennett

(352) 294-0848


Veronica Bousquet

Human Resources Generalist I
(352) 294-0839

Alex Carter

Financial Analyst I
(352) 294-0865


Jennifer Douglas

Administrative Support Assistant II
(352) 294-0836

Peggy Latner

Administrative Specialist II
(352) 294-0867

Josette Rassel

Fiscal Assistant III
(352) 294-2742

Cynthia Tillman

Fiscal Assistant II
(352) 294-0864