Teaching is what we do. Whether it is in the classroom, on the internet, in the research laboratory or in a public forum, we are teachers. The responsibility that goes with this dissemination of knowledge task is of the highest order. The research we generate, the information we assimilate has no social impact without dissemination. The University's mission statement clearly identifies teaching as one of the three activities whose proper blend is the basis for a world-class University.

At UF, the standard for teaching is excellence. We recognize and reward such results with various awards at the College and university level. However, we also acknowledge that attainment of excellence and the accompanying track of continuous improvement is facilitated by support structures and policies at all levels of administration.

The quest for excellence is more complicated and more interesting now as the number and types of platforms for teaching have increased. The transition from face to face, to hybrid, to online presents the teacher with challenges that are platform unique and while excellence in one domain may be a precursor for excellence in any domain the platform characteristics present different opportunities and constraints.

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